Yala Peak Climbing


Yala Peak is a part of the Langtang Himal located at the central part of Nepal. It is considered a trekking peak by NMA (the Nepal Mountaineering Association), namely a relatively easy and non-technical climb. So it is the best alternate for those climbers who have been seeking the real thrill of adventure much beyond trekking.

Through the dense forest and traditional ethnic Tamang settlements, you will reach the beautiful camps of Yala Peak with stunning views of Lantang Lirung (7246m), Lenpo Gang (7083m), and Dorje Lakpa (6990m) and Shishapangma (8027m), the highest mountain wholly in Tibet.

Although prior climbing experience is not required, outdoor experience and average level of fitness is a must.


Day Events Altitude Walking Hours Accommodation & Food
1375m HotelBreakfast
1350m 7 – 8hrs LodgeBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
2470m 6 – 7hrs LodgeBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
3010m 4hrs LodgeBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
3420m 4hrs LodgeBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
3780m 4hrs LodgeBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
4450m 4 – 5hrs CampBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
4670m 7 – 8hrs CampBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
5000m 3 – 4hrs CampBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
5675m 4670m 4hrs, 3hrs CampBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
3420m 5 – 6hrs LodgeBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
1950m 6 – 7hrs LodgeBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
2280m 4 – 5hrs LodgeBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
3250m 5 – 6hrs LodgeBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
4380m 5 – 6hrs LodgeBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
3430m 5 – 6hrs LodgeBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
2460m 6 – 7hrs LodgeBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
2165m 6 – 7hrs LodgeBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
2194m 3 – 4hrs LodgeBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
1350m, 1375m 4hrs, 1hrs HotelBreakfast

Trip Facts

Duration:25 Days
Arrival on:Kathmandu
Max Altitude:5675m

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