Everest Labuche Peak Climbing


Lobuche East (6,119m/20075ft) is located in the world famous Khumbu region of Nepal. The high mountains of Nepal offer a unique challenge to mountaineers. You won’t find this combination of breath taking scenery and diversity of terrain anywhere else in the world. Lobuche East is considered one of the more technically demanding and aesthetic trekking peaks in Nepal. Our route will take us over varied mixed terrain via fixed lines. Lobuche consists of two different summits, east and west with the heights of 6,119m and 6,145m respectively. A continuous rim ties them but there is a sharp gap and a considerable distance between these two summits. The east is recognized as a trekking peak whereas the west is identified as an expedition. The first to scale Lobuche East was Laurence Nielson and Ang Gyaljen Sherpa on 25th April 1984.


Day Events Altitude Walking Hours Accommodation & Food
1375m HotelBreakfast
2875m, 2645m 3hrs2 – 3hrs Lodge/CampBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
2880m 3 – 4hrs Lodge/CampBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
3460m 6 to 7hrs Lodge/CampBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
3965m 5hrs Lodge/CampBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
3640m 6 – 7hrs Lodge/CampBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
4360m 6hrs Lodge/CampBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
4500m 5hrs Lodge/CampBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
4630m 4hrs LodgeBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
4930m 4hrs LodgeBreakfast|Lunch|Dinner
5145m 4hrs HotelBreakfast|Lunch
5545m, 4930m 3hrs, 4hrs HotelBreakfast|Lunch
4880m 4hrs Tent Breakfast|Lunch
Tent Breakfast|Lunch
5600m 5hrs Tent Breakfast|Lunch
6119m, 4850m 7 – 8hrs Tent Breakfast|Lunch
3945m 6 – 7hrs Hotel Breakfast|Lunch
3775m 6hrs Hotel Breakfast|Lunch
2645m 6hrs Hotel Breakfast|Lunch
2885m 4hrs Hotel Breakfast|Lunch
1375m 4-5hrs Hotel Breakfast|Lunch
Hotel Breakfast

Trip Facts

Duration:24 Days
Arrival on:Kathmandu
Max Altitude:6119m

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