Island Peak Climbing


The Island Peak is located at the heart of Khumbu region which is recognized as a moderate Climbing peak of Everest area. Island Peak was the name given to the mountain in 1952 by Eric Shipton’s who thought it to be reminiscent of an island in a sea of ice. It was renamed “Imja Tse” in the early ’80s, though its original name is still more popular. Our Island peak climbing with Everest Base Camp Trek can also be very interesting to the climbers who are planning to attempt even higher altitude peaks afterwards. Island peak climbing fulfills the dream of the climbers who are seeking the thrill of adventure and wish to widen their experience towards peak climbing & expedition.


Day Events Altitude Walking Hours Accommodation & Food
1375m Hotel Breakfast
Hotel Breakfast
875m, 1100m, 1375m 25mins, 1.5hrs, 3hrs Lodge Breakfast|Lunch|Dinner
1951m 4 – 5hrs Lodge Breakfast|Lunch|Dinner
1951m 5 – 6hrs Lodge Breakfast|Lunch|Dinner
2606m 6 – 7hrs Lodge Breakfast|Lunch|Dinner
3203m 3 – 4hrs Lodge Breakfast|Lunch|Dinner
3703m 4 – 5hrs Camp Breakfast|Lunch|Dinner
4151m 4 – 5hrs Camp Breakfast|Lunch|Dinner
Camp Breakfast|Lunch|Dinner
4550m 3 – 4hrs Camp Breakfast|Lunch|Dinner
5080m 3 – 4hrs Camp Breakfast|Lunch|Dinner
5663m 8 – 9hrs Camp Breakfast|Lunch|Dinner
Camp Breakfast|Lunch|Dinner
3203m 5 – 6hrs Lodge Breakfast|Lunch|Dinner
2340m 5 – 6hrs Lodge Breakfast|Lunch|Dinner
1340m 5 – 6hrs Lodge Breakfast|Lunch|Dinner
1640m 5hrs Lodge Breakfast|Lunch|Dinner
2100m 4hrs Lodge Breakfast|Lunch|Dinner
1457m, 875m 1hrs, 1hrs Hotel Breakfast
1375m 25min Hotel Breakfast

Trip Facts

Duration:22 Days
Arrival on:Kathmandu
Max Altitude:5663m

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